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John & Courtney - A Love Story Film

I've always enjoyed filmmaking, and being able to incorporate video into my wedding photography business has been a dream of mine for quite awhile! The love story film was my first step towards introducing videography into the business, and it's still my favorite! My favorite part about these short films is that my wedding clients are not able to hear each others responses until their wedding reception, which adds an emotionally wonderful surprise to their big day!
When I told John and Courtney about these short films they were completely game to jump on board, and we had a ton of fun filming theirs! This last Saturday, in front of all of their friends and family, I was finally able to show them their film for the first time! Watching their reactions was the absolute best!!

Here's John and Courtney's love story film! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Matt & Alex | Duluth, MN Engagement Session

I have too many favorites from Matt and Alex's engagement session! With the gorgeous sunlight, wine, cribbage on the beach, and these two beautiful faces... It was impossible to take a bad photograph!
Here are a few of my favorites! I hope you all enjoy them!

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Ben & Rachel | Two Harbors Wedding Photography

Ben and Rachel had a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous Two Harbors, MN property! We spent the day with them on the trails through the woods down by the river, in the back yard for the ceremony, and under the tent watching everyone have a blast dancing! We had a lot of fun and captured some amazing photos. Here are a few of my favorites!

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Ben | Duluth, MN Senior Portrait Photography

I had a grad session tonight with Ben. We walked around Canal for a bit before heading across the bridge to snap some pretty cool photos! The light was amazing, he was looking great, and the photos are turning out fantastic!
Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you all enjoy!

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